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The 2019 edition of IMaSS Network will be organized in two separate sessions.

May 9th: Micro-plastic, macro-impact

The first day will be fully dedicated to the characterization of plastics & microplastics. Not only mass spectrometry but different analytical approaches will be presented and discussed. 

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to be updated on available knowledge on microplastics and their impact on the environment and wish to share recent analytical solutions and open questions

May 10th: Proteins and Mass Spec

In collaboration with SIB-protein group, the first part of the day will be focussed to proteins and new mass spectrometry approaches to investigate them. 

Moreover, a final session will be dedicated to the application of MS in various fields.

Who should attend: people interested in new frontier of protein characterization and in innovative applications of mass spectrometry.


Scientific  Committee

Barbara Campanini, Università di Parma

Silvia Catinella, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Parma

Ornella Curcuruto, Aptuit an Evotec company, Verona

Serena Faggiano, Università di Parma

Andrea Mozzarelli, Università di Parma

Samanta Raboni, Università di Parma

organsig committee

Organising Committee

Alessandro Armandi, Sciex

Barbara Bravo, ThermoFisher Scientific

Silvia Capacchi, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Parma

Maria Laura Faietti, Università di Parma

Stefano Fiorina, Sciex

Valentina Mileo, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Parma

Giacomo Musile, Università di Verona

Pierpaolo Nebuloni, ThermoFisher Scientific

Gianluca Paredi, Università di Parma

Valerio Pasini, ThermoFisher Scientific

Elena Picchi, Università di Parma


Key Dates - Fees


Abstract Submission Deadline:

- April 15, 2019


  Entire conference

- No fees for Undergraduate Students

- 100 Euro IMaSS/SIB Young Member

- 140 Euro + VAT (22%) no IMaSS/SIB Young Member

- 180 Euro IMaSS Member/SIB

- 180 Euro + VAT (22%) no IMaSS/SIB Member

  One day

- 60 Euro IMaSS/SIB Young Member

- 80 Euro + VAT (22%) no IMaSS/SIB Young Member

- 100 Euro IMaSS Member/SIB

- 120 Euro + VAT (22%) no IMaSS/SIB Member

May 9-10, 2019

"Ridotto del Teatro Regio"

Parma - Italy

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